We draw our diverse membership from several UC Davis departments, including Linguistics, Education, Spanish and Portuguese, Psychology, Computer Science, Native American Studies, Mathematics, French, German, and Japanese, among others. 

Photos from previous symposia and meetings:

2022-2023 Planning Committee 

Previous Co-Chairs:

2022-2023: Nick Aoki (Linguistics), Roxanne Elliott (Education) and Ana Ortega Pérez (Spanish and Portuguese)

2021-2022: Sophia Minnillo (Linguistics), Beverly Cotter (Psychology) and Ana Ruiz Alonso Bartol (Spanish and Portuguese)

2020-2021: Skyler Reese (Linguistics) and Lillian Jones (Spanish and Portuguese) 

2019-2020: Peter Joseph Torres (Linguistics) and Daniela Cerbino (Spanish and Portuguese) 

2018-2019: Glen Heinrich-Wallace (Linguistics) and Cory Osburn (Spanish and Portuguese)

2017-2018: Claire Henderson (Linguistics) and Marta Llorente Bravo (Spanish and Portuguese)

2016-2017: Benjamin Gomes (Linguistics) and Aaron Yamada (Spanish and Portuguese)

2015-2016: Caitlin Tierney (Linguistics) and Melissa Vega-Valdez (Spanish and Portuguese)

2014-2015: Emily Moline (Linguistics) and Kimberly Morris (Spanish and Portuguese)

2013-2014: David Beard (Spanish and Portuguese) and Annalisa Corioso (Spanish and Portuguese)

Faculty Advisor:

*Both co-advised in 2016-2017