Welcome to the UC Davis Cluster on Language Research!

We are so excited for a great year of talks, activities, and of course, our annual symposium in May. There is no denying that this past year was challenging for all, but The Cluster on Language Research persevered and had a very successful and busy year on Zoom. We aspire to continue the great efforts of those who have come before us and make this year truly a great one!

If you're curious to learn more about our organization, The Cluster on Language Research is an interdepartmental organization run by graduate students and is housed in the Linguistics and the Spanish and Portuguese departments. We draw our diverse membership from a handful of UC Davis departments, including Education, Psychology, Computer Science, Native American Studies, Mathematics, as well as various language departments like French, German, and Japanese, among others. In fact, all three of us (co-chairs) are representing three different departments! Sophia is from Linguistics, Ana is from Spanish & Portuguese, and Beverly is from Psychology. The cluster supports research, exploration, and collaboration in the domain of "language." The research interests of our members span a broad range of linguistically relevant topics, including but not limited to: language structure, variation, processing, technology, pedagogy, education, bilingualism, child language acquisition, second language development, sociolinguistics, and typology, just to name a few.

The members of our cluster are also members of various research communities at UC Davis, such as the Language Center, the Center for Mind and Brain, the Phonetics lab, the Computational Linguistics lab, The Ferreira Lab, the Morgan Lab, The Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab, The Cognitive Neurolinguistic (Corina) lab, and the UC Davis Medical Center.

Of course, the cluster would not function at its best without the enthusiasm of our members, the wisdom of our current faculty advisor, Dr. Claudia Sánchez-Gutiérrez, the leadership of our former advisor, Dr. Robert Blake (2014-2017), and the guidance of former cluster chairpersons.

Lastly, we are proud to boast a membership of passionate language researcher conducting studies beyond the confines of UC Davis, out there in the community.

  • -Sophia Minnillo, Ana Ruiz Alonso Bartol, and Beverly Cotter

2021-2022 Cluster Co-chairs

Beverly Cotter


Sophia Minnillo


Ana Ruiz Alonso Bartol

Spanish & Portuguese

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